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Go treasure hunting in the opal capital of the world

Australia's national gemstone, the opal, can be found across the South Australian outback opal fields.

South Australia is estimated to supply approximately 80 percent of the world's opals, and Australia is the only place in the world where completely opalised animal fossils have been found.

Try your luck in the fields, or shop with the local retailers in Coober Pedy, Andamooka and Mintabie for quality locally sourced opals.

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Where to go noodling for opals:

  • Jewell Box area, Coober Pedy
  • Andamooka Opal Fields
  • Mintabie Opal Fields
  • Stuart Creek Opal Fields
  • White Dam Opal Fields

Australia is the only known source of opalised fossils. Lucky fossickers may even find rare colourful opalised dinosaur bones around the opal fields of Andamooka.

Out of this world astronomy experiences

You won't just see more of Australia out here; the clarity provided by the dark skies and arid landscapes offers world-class star-gazing and astronomy experiences.

Where to go for guided astronomy experiences:

  • Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary

    Arkaroola is home to three observatories that attract professionals and amateurs from all over the world. They are some of the most powerful observatories available for public use in the southern hemisphere. Arkaroola's Advanced Ecotourism accredited astronomy tours offer a fun and intriguing exploration of the mysteries of the universe. Suitable for all ages.

  • Andamooka Observatory

    All that glitters in the outback can be found in Andamooka. Enjoy a night-time astronomy and opal-noodling tour, and shoot stunning astrophotography with your smartphone by using their powerful telescopes. Or, take a guided tour within the Woomera Prohibited Area to discover planets, star clusters and nebulae through the incredible instruments in the Woomera
    Baker Observatory.

Share a yarn at an iconic watering hole

Did you even go to the outback if you didn't go to the pub? The beautiful old hotels and roadhouses of the outback tend to become the beating heart of each town. Bring a friendly attitude, a good appetite, and enjoy the atmosphere and stories of these iconic watering holes:

  • Blinman Hotel
  • Hawker Hotel
  • Innamincka Hotel
  • Marree Hotel, Marree
  • Mt Dare Hotel, Mt Dare
  • Commercial Hotel, Orroroo
  • Pink Roadhouse, Oodnadatta
  • Tuckabox Hotel, Andamooka
  • William Creek Hotel

Take the road less travelled

It feels great to let your adventurous spirit take the wheel, and explore the excellent 4WD tracks through spectacular rugged landscapes. Always ensure you are driving in permitted areas.

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Try these top-rated tracks:

  • Caernarvon Track
  • Elder Range from Merna Mora Station
  • Skytrek from Skytrek Willow Springs Station
  • Mount Jacob Back Track

See the untouchable on scenic flights

The expansive beauty of many of these richly diverse landscapes can only be fully appreciated by scenic flight.

Flying low and slow over unspoilt, remote scenery, you'll discover a diversity of colours and landscapes that you may never have imagined were in Australia.

See the magnificent biodiversity of Channel Country or the brilliant Painted Hills, or take in a breathtaking sunset over Wilpena Pound.

Bucket-list scenic flight experiences:

  • Lake Eyre and Anna Creek Painted Hills
  • Wilpena Pound and Brachina Gorge
  • Arkaroola and the Northern Flinders Ranges

Explore the surprising tranquillity of the outback waterways

Amongst the arid ranges and expansive red flats, the outback will surprise you with beautiful springs, tranquil billabongs, and the powerful thrust of Australia's life source, Channel Country. Pack your swimmers, kayaks and fishing rods and keep an eye out for an outback oasis:

  • The Cooper Creek and Malkumba-Coongie Lakes
  • Cullyamurra Waterhole
  • Dalhousie Springs
  • Goyder Lagoon
  • Blinman Pools

Taste true aussie flavours

Everywhere you go, you'll discover delicious Aussie faire with a unique local twist. We've got the right meal for every occasion, from gourmet modern Australian cuisine on a romantic evening, to hearty pub meals to restore you after a long day on the road. Make sure you get your hands on these memorable local treats:

  • Crystal Brook Pasty at Kupsch Bakery
  • Camel Burger at the Marree Hotel
  • Quandong Pie at Copley Bakery
  • Feral Platter at the Prairie Hotel

Meet the oldest continuous cultures in the world

The regions across the Flinders Ranges and Outback have been home to Aboriginal communities for tens of thousands of years. Capture the full perspective of these sacred locations, rich with stories and insights, while exploring the landscapes with the Traditional Owners.

Try these tours:

  • Wadlata's Tunnel of Time
  • Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park
  • Iga Warta

Stay on a real aussie station

The great part about a station stay is the unique range of accommodation options available.

Take your pick from luxury bush retreats, ecovillas, farmhouses, homesteads, shearers' quarters, bunkhouses, overseer’s cottages, bush huts, railway carriages, bed and breakfasts, and powered and unpowered caravan and camping sites. Some are also accessible-friendly and pet-friendly.

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After a day on the road, you'll love the experience of these stations:

  • Edeowie Station, Hawker
  • Mt Ive Station, Gawler Ranges
  • Holowiliena Station, Cradock
  • Catninga Homestead, Port Augusta

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