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Follow the Aussie Travel Code

When you see the Aussie Travel Code logo, it means you're travelling in - or planning a trip to - a bloody great place. You're in for an unreal experience in an incredible part of Australia.


Australia's a big place and things might not be what you're used to back home.

The Aussie Travel Code gives you the insider knowledge you need in the Flinders Ranges and Outback region. It will tell you how to enjoy your trip, stay safe, and be the kind of traveller you would want to meet in your own hometown.

What You Need to Know For Your Flinders Ranges and Outback Road Trip

Come Prepared

  • Service and prepare your vehicle well before you depart on your road trip.

  • Always travel with water (10L per person per day), a spare tyre, and a satellite phone or UHF radio. Phone and internet access can be sporadic, so record important contacts on paper as well as on your devices.

  • Bring firewood, secure storage for rubbish, and equipment to responsibly store or dispose of waste. Find more recommendations on what to pack for the Outback on this checklist.

  • Research your route and plan your fuel stops in advance.

  • Obtain required permissions and Passes for campsites, 4WD tracks and National Parks.

  • Check the road and weather conditions on every leg of your trip and listen to local advice.

Stay on Track

  • If you’re not sure if you have permission to access an area, please don’t drive or camp there.

  • You're not missing out! We’ve got more amazing 4WD tracks than we can count, so please choose from the wide range of permitted locations. Here are a few to look forward to: 4WD tracks in the Flinders Ranges and Outback.

  • Do not trespass on private property. It can be unsafe for travellers, can badly damage the environment and may impact resources that landowners rely on.

Keep it Clean

  • Everything adds up so try to minimise the rubbish you produce when you travel, especially plastics e.g. packaged food, plastic bags and cling wrap. Opt for reusable items as much as possible.

  • Please, do not litter. Hold on to your rubbish until you find a bin. Keep bags in the car in case you need to hold on to it for a few days.

  • Human waste does not belong in our backyard. If you are in remote areas without public toilet facilities, dig a hole for your waste, burn your toilet paper, ensure it is thoroughly extinguished and fill in the hole.

  • Dispose of waste in grey water dump points.

Respect the Outback

  • Taking a trip to the Outback is an incredible experience, but it does require you to be responsible for your own safety. Be proactive with road and weather checks, don’t underestimate the weather events, and always listen to the local advice.

  • Our beautiful natural environments are awe-inspiring, ancient and irreplaceable. Follow tread lightly principles and try to have as little impact as possible. We want to enjoy these precious regions in the right way, and protect them for future generations.

  • Be the kind of traveller you would want to meet in your own home town. Be respectful, responsible and give back. If you see someone who may need help, always stop to check.

  • Respect our residents. Make time for a chat, bring a few good yarns to share in the watering holes and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere. It’s all part of the amazing experience you will have in the Flinders Ranges and Outback regions.

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