Distances and Drive Times

How to get here and, once you’ve arrived, helpful hints on how to get around and be safe while doing so.

Getting here and around

Drive times

Distance Chart

Public Access Routes

Public access routes (PARs) are unsealed roads that are open to the public but located on private properties. PARs are often used by livestock and with farm machinery, semi-trailers and road trains.

Take care of native animals on these roads during the day and avoid travelling at dawn, dusk or night. Also take into account communication needs, food and water, and ensure your vehicle is well-equipped and suitable for rough terrain. Be aware that unsealed road conditions can change rapidly with rain, flooding, wind and high traffic periods, so keep an eye on the weather and always notify a friend or relative of your travel plans.

For information on PARs, call 1800 678 447 or download the 4WD Tracks and Repeater Towers brochure at www.southaustralia.com/plan-your-trip/maps-and-brochures/.
Another good information source is www.bom.gov.au.

Touring the Region

By booking an organised tour from Adelaide or from several locations within the region, you get more time to relax and discover ancient wonders and hidden secrets. Plus, you’ll be informed by those who live and work here, get your questions answered, and have someone else do the driving and map reading.

You’ll see more of the region, get closer to nature and discover the secrets of the past in hidden fossil beds and ancient Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. Take a once-in-a-lifetime aerial tour of spectacular Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, or go off road on a 4WD tour exploring the outback stations, nature and geological sites. Or, what about an extended outback and coastal adventure where you can experience sleeping in an Aussie swag?

Some small group tours link up the tri-states coming in from Alice Springs, Broken Hill in New South Wales or Outback Queensland. However you choose to get here, an organised tour will take you to places others can only dream about.