A Gentle Trail of the Southern Flinders Ranges

A Gentle Trail of the Southern Flinders Ranges

Suggested Itinerary

4 to 6 days from Adelaide

  • Day 1-2: Adelaide to Peterborough

    Head north along the National Highway. Stop in at Crystal Brook or Jamestown for lunch, then continue onwards to Peterborough. Stay two nights in this charming historical town to absorb the local stories and museums and take the walking and cycling trails.

  • Day 3: Peterborough to Orroroo

    From Peterborough, head to Orroroo. Explore the town on the historical building walk, ‘Find the Magpie’, and see Aboriginal carvings in Pekina Creek. Stay overnight at Bendleby Ranges and access spectacular scenic cycling, walking and 4WD trails.

  • Day 4: Orroroo to Laura via Booleroo Centre

    Head west towards Booleroo Centre to see South Australia’s largest collection of steam and traction engines. Visit the local vineyards including Blesing's Winery and Bartagunyah Wines. For the last leg of the trip, head south towards Laura to stay overnight.

  • Day 5: Laura to Adelaide

    Enjoy a day of art, food and poetry in this picturesque riverside town. Walk or cycle the Laura Stone-Hut Trail before heading back to Adelaide.

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