Coastline and Fishing Hotspots

Coastline and Fishing Hotspots

There are some magnificent coastal locations to visit along the western edge of the Southern Flinders Ranges. Visit Port Pirie and enjoy the man made Solomontown Beach with shady grassed areas, places for the kids to play and take the dog for a run along the beach.

Port Pirie’s foreshore boasts a large enclosed playground area, view the incoming cargo carriers and mangrove views, or kayak along the foreshore yourself. You may even see a dolphin or two.

Canoe the upper spencer gulf along the coast of Weeroona Island. Enjoy watching the many varieties of birdlife near Glacier Rock or visit the ‘York’, a heritage listed shipwreck on the southern shore of the island.

Enjoy a unique fishing experience on the largest jetty in the southern hemisphere, at Port Germein. The Jetty was built in 1882 and even today remains one of the region’s fishing and crabbing hotspots.

Fishing Hot Spots

  • ‘John Pirie Bridge’

    Nov–Mar,Yellowfin Whiting, Salmon Trout. On theoutgoing tide squid April, May & June.

  • ‘Oil Berth’

    home to our resident schoolof Mulloway, best bait – live Striped Perchor small squid. Best results occur on a full moon dodge tide.

  • ‘Old Boat Ramp’

    Bream, you needunweighted white bait on the incoming tide.

  • ‘Boardwalk/Jetty’

    great for Salmon Trout and Bream. Best bait is unweighted Mud crabs, with breadcrumbs sprinkled into the water.

  • ‘Dolphin’

    great place for Bream, Salmon and to start trolling for Mulloway.

  • ‘Magazine Creek’

    widely used in summer for skiing and great to explore in a small boat.

  • ‘Shag Creek Mouth’

    good for Salmon, Yellowfin Whiting and also Snook. Blue swimmer crabs better at high tide.

  • ‘Weeroona Bay’

    great for dabbing Garfish at night. Caution must be taken with the tide – it does go high and dry! Watch the water line on the mangroves.

  • ‘Mangrove Point’

    another place that goes high and dry. Trick is if rocks under the bridge are covered you can cross.

  • The ‘Wreck of York’

    Yellowfin Whiting and Mullet in summer (Pirie side of the island).

  • Port Germein ‘Snapper Wreck’

    April and September morning tides, Snapper up to 10kg. If no luck after 2 hours on either side of top of tide, move on.

  • ‘Blue Line at Telowie’

    these staggered white holes at times produce a bounty of King George Whiting, Yellowfin Whiting and Snapper. The beach you can see from this spot is Telowie Beach which is good for Yellowfin Whiting Feb-May and early season squid in June.

  • ‘Father’s Day Hole’

    aptly named because it produces King George Whiting on Father’s Day.

  • ‘Ballast Ground’

    in the Shipping Channel, great for big snapper on the ebb of the tide.

  • ‘Checker Buoy’

    excellent for crabbing during summer, King George Whiting during winter. Be cautious of weather, it can get sloppy very quickly.

  • ‘The Tyre Reef’

    commonly works on a dodge tide. Sept/Oct evening tides are great for big Snapper.

  • ‘Cockle Spit Top Stick’

    home to the Gulf Cricket match played on a low tide during summer. Good for King George Whiting, Snook and at night, Garfish float over the top.

  • ‘Third Creek Patches’

    great for King George Whiting and Squid.

  • ‘Port Germein Jetty’

    regularly visited by locals for Yellowfin, King George Whiting, Snapper, Tommies, Garfish and Blue Swimmer Crabs.

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