Danggali Conservation Park Campgrounds

About Danggali Conservation Park Campgrounds

Danggali Conservation Park and Wilderness Protection Area was classified as Australia’s first Biosphere Reserve in 1977 in an effort to conserve the area’s dense mallee scrubland.

The park provides habitat to many bird species, from major mitchell’s to the rare mallee fowl, offering interesting opportunities for birdwatching. There is also a range of small reptile species such as skinks and you may also see red and western grey kangaroos grazing in the scrub along with shy echidnas.

The park offers 5 bush camping sites for fully self-sufficient campers only. Please note that this is remote camping and there are no facilities available in the park. Campsites are only accessible to 4WD vehicles or adventure motorcycles.


from $ 14 up to $ 46

Vehicle entry is free to this park. Camping fees are per site, per night.

Where to find Danggali Conservation Park Campgrounds

Danggali, South Australia, 5417