Junction Art Gallery

11 Railway Terrace
Quorn, South Australia, 5433

About Junction Art Gallery

Welcome to Junction Art Gallery in Quorn, Flinders Ranges, South Australia. The gallery, featuring the talented Artist in Residence, Val Francis, offers captivating art for sale. Visitors can discover a diverse selection of artwork, including watercolour, oil paintings, and pieces on leather. The collection showcases landscapes, animals, birds, trains, and buildings, providing something for everyone.

The gallery beautifully captures the rugged beauty of the Flinders Ranges through stunning landscape paintings. Val Francis’s exceptional depictions of animals and birds in their natural habitat are a highlight for wildlife enthusiasts. Additionally, art lovers and history buffs alike can delight in Val’s work capturing trains and historical architecture.

Guests can find meaningful souvenirs and magnificent masterpieces, catering to all budgets. Junction Art Gallery proudly supports local artists, fostering a vibrant art community. Visitors have the opportunity to engage with Val Francis, gaining insights into her creative process.

The warm and welcoming gallery space offers an immersive experience, allowing visitors to appreciate the beauty of Australian art. Whether an art lover or a visitor seeking memorable keepsakes, Junction Art Gallery provides an unforgettable experience, capturing the essence of the Flinders Ranges’ wonders.


  • Carpark
  • Family Friendly
  • Gallery / Museum
  • Non-Smoking

Where to find Junction Art Gallery

11 Railway Terrace
Quorn, South Australia, 5433