Coober Pedy

Half the residents of this opal-mining town live underground to escape hot temperatures in summer and to stay cosy during winter! Only in Coober Pedy will you find underground churches and art galleries, plus a golf course without a blade of grass. A huge range of unique accommodations are available, including luxury apartments, B&Bs, motels and a caravan park.

Try your hand at noodling for opals. Jeweller’s Shop Noodling Area is a safe area in town which provides the visitor a chance to find their very own piece of opal. Being an old mining field, the ground is still rich in opal. Only serious opal miners should ever venture into the designated opal fields that surround the town for miles. There are many deep unmarked shafts, and extreme caution is necessary when venturing into the fields. The best way to see the opal mines is to join an organised half-day bus tour with one of the many professional operators.

Visit award-winning tourist attractions: Old Timer’s Mine and Museum, Tom’s Working Mine, and the Umoona Opal Mine and Museum. The Big Winch Visitor and Cultural Centre includes Australia's first circular version sound and light show, showcasing the outback region.

Nearby, Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park is just a 30-minute drive (34km north) from town.
The Painted Desert is a day trip and 200km north of Coober Pedy.

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