Wilpena Pound

The magnificent natural amphitheatre of Wilpena Pound is the centrepiece of Ikara–Flinders Ranges National Park. Also known by its Adnyamathanha name of Ikara, meaning meeting place. Its red ramparts, measuring 8km by 17km, hold spiritual significance for the local Aboriginal people and have inspired artists for generations. Wilpena Pound is a glorious site to behold, covering eight times the area of Uluru.

Rich in ancient history, Wilpena Poud has over 800 million years of stories to be found within its peaks. Although it may seem as though it appeared out of nowhere, the reality is that it has been created by immeasurable pressure in the Earth’s crust, then compressing the sediments, and over time forming the natural wonder you see today. In fact, this mountain range once stood tall above the Himalayas before erosion took over.

Wilpena Pound is a paradise for bushwalkers with popular hiking highlights including a challenging trek up St Mary’s Peak (almost 1200 metres high), the Old Homestead and Wangara Lookout, Arkaroo Rock, and Edeowie Gorge. It is also home to one of Australia’s eight Great Walks, a four-day Arkaba Walk.

There is no vehicle access into Wilpena Pound, but flights and 4WD cultural tours of the national park and surrounding ancient mountain ranges can be booked. To fully experience the spectacular views of Wilpena Pound, take to the skies. To see Wilpena Pound from above is a sight to behold as you get to experience the full scale of this impressive feat of nature.

Wilpena Pound Resort provides amenities for visitors, a shop, and a visitor information centre where you can book guided cultural 4WD tours/walks and scenic flights. Accommodation options include a campground, air-conditioned motel rooms, or glamping in the Ikara Safari tents. Several trails around the resort are suitable for mountain biking, and bike hire can be arranged.

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