The Woomera Prohibited Area is the largest land-based missile and rocket range in the western world. Initially a joint project between Britain and Australia, the site continues to host space activities for Australian and international defence and aerospace organisations.

In the 1960s, NASA operated a deep-space tracking station 25km south of Woomera at Island Lagoon. Facilities include a convenience store, visitor information centre, café and public toilets, plus a bowling alley.

Free exhibits and public toilets are available at the Woomera Missile Park, which commemorates Woomera’s fascinating history.

Len Beadell surveyed the area and mapped out the firing range in 1947. Visit his final resting place at the Woomera Cemetery. You can also walk through Woomera’s history at the Woomera Heritage Centre. For rocket and social history, visit the Rocket Range Museum and grab a bite to eat at the Outback Diner.

You’ll feel like you can reach out and touch the stars at the Woomera Observatory. The Woomera Baker Observatory has a 3.5m purpose-built fibreglass dome housing a new telescope installed in 2020. Visitors will be able to see planets, star clusters and nebulae. Open Friday evenings from around 8:30pm until late. Bookings essential.

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