The birthplace of one of Australia’s most iconic cattlemen, R.M. Williams, Jamestown is located in the heart of some of the best farming land in South Australia. The town’s wide, leafy streets are lined with striking historic buildings and are home to a host of shops.

Visit the ‘R.M. Williams Story’ information bay in Jamestown, then traverse the heartland of his country along the R.M. Williams Drive, linking Jamestown, Belalie North, Peterborough and Orroroo in the Southern Flinders Ranges.

The National Trust Museum, located at the Jamestown Railway Station, wonderfully captures the true spirit of the town and the region’s history. The Dare’s Hill Circuit is pure inspiration for any artist, while Sir Hubert Wilkins Cottage and Centre highlights a Jamestown local, forgotten South Australian hero, pioneer aviator, explorer and adventurer.

The Belalie Art Gallery, located along the banks of the picturesque Belalie Creek, hosts a range of curated exhibitions all year round. At other times their own collection is on display.

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