Peterborough was established in 1875 on the promise of a new rail route between Adelaide and the ore-rich town of Silverton in New South Wales. The narrow-gauge railways have gone, but memories of Australia’s great steam era have been preserved. In fact, Peterborough is one of only two places you can see the three railway gauges: broad, standard and narrow.

Peterborough’s pivotal role in South Australia’s railway history and its rich local culture is celebrated in experiential day tours at the Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre.

Away from the tracks, view all sorts of attractions on offer in Peterborough. The historic printing shop is a must-see with many of the machines, from a time when they printed four newspapers here in Peterborough, now in operation after being carefully restored.

The Social History Museum in the YMCA building provides an insight of how the people of Peterborough lived their lives. The museum also offers intriguing displays of the Meldonfield Collection, featuring carefully crafted horses and carriages, a replica of the Petersburg Railway Station and the Lionel Noble collection of photos and memorabilia.

The Town Carriage Museum is a beautifully restored first-class carriage from 1917. Experience a virtual steam train ride to Broken Hill while sitting in the compartment, and enjoy watching the scenery go past at the height and speed of the steam train.

Our Town Hall is one of the most ornate in regional South Australia. Be sure to pop into the foyer and enjoy the intricacies of the Federation Quilt on display.

Nature lovers can head up Government Road and enjoy the panoramic view of Peterborough from the Greg Duggan Nature Reserve Observation Deck.

Motorcycle enthusiasts should make some time to explore the Motorcycle and Antiques Museum.

There is so much more for everyone to see and experience, so make sure you make tracks to Peterborough for at least a couple of days.

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